Making Life More Affordable

Published on May 26, 2018

Lower Gas Prices

We will reduce the provincial fuel tax and scrap the cap and trade carbon tax: giving the people of Ontario a savings of an extra 10 cents per litre at the pump. For the average person in Ontario who typically drives 20,000km annually, you will save $200-$300 per year.

Lower Hydro Rates

We will introduce measures to take an additional 12 per cent off your hydro bill. This reduction will apply to Ontario families, small businesses, and farmers. In fact, the average household will save $173 per year.

Lower Income Tax for the Middle Class

The Ontario PCs will cut income taxes by 20 per cent for the second income tax bracket, putting a maximum of $786 annually back into the pockets of middle class workers.

No Income Tax for Minimum Wage Earners

An Ontario PC Government will also help low income Ontarians by ensuring minimum wage earners pay no provincial income tax — saving them as much as $850 per year.

Bring Back Buck a Beer

A Doug Ford PC Government will bring back Buck-a-Beer in Ontario. We will do so by amending the regulations within the Liquor Control Act to allow for a minimum price floor of $24 for 24 bottles of beer, plus deposit.