Hydro One

Published on May 25, 2018

Families are having to make tough decisions because we pay the highest hydro rates in the country while paying Hydro One executives multi-million dollar salaries. Kathleen Wynne approved these salaries and did nothing to stop the payment of million more in payments to American power executives. Meanwhile Hydro One is sending disconnection notices to seniors and families who are struggling to pay bills while paying U.S. companies to take our power because we over produce.

A PC government will clean up the hydro mess. We are going to lower hydro rates and reign in high salaries at the top of Hydro One.

Right now, seniors, small businesses, and families are paying for hidden expenses on their hydro bills that have nothing to do with keeping the lights on. We’re going to fix that. Our plan will put more money in your pocket and deliver real relief to the people who need it most.

We will:

  • Return all Hydro One dividends to hydro customers — saving the average
    family $70 on their hydro bills.
  • Stop the practice of burying the cost of conservation programs on hydro bills
    and instead move those programs to the tax base — saving the average family
    $43 on their hydro bills.
  • Place an immediate moratorium on any new energy contracts while walking
    back and re-negotiating existing contracts where possible — saving the
    average family $60 on their hydro bills.

Together, these three measures will save an average family $173 per year on their hydro bills. That’s another 12% savings — on the average family’s hydro bill.